Two-Component Silver Conductive Adhesive #051908-1R

Two-Component Silver Conductive Adhesive #051908-1R

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This silver conductive adhesive is a two-component system, 100% solid content. It provides very low shrinkage, excellent electric conductivity, excellent bonding strength, aging resistance and fast cure speed at a lower temperature.  It also has excellent long-term heat resistance up to 120C and 170C for a short term. This product is a very popular tool used for many electronic applications.

Sold in sets. Each set includes:

        10 g of component A.

        1 g of component B.

         A high-grade stainless steel mixing tool.

         20 sheets of plastic PET films.

For other ordering quantities (50 g/set, 100 g/set, 300g/set, 500 g/set, >1,000 g/set), please contact us for discounted prices.