UV Curable Conductive Silver Inks

UV Curable Conductive Silver Inks

Polychem is a leader in the UV curable silver Inks. Applications include mobile Phone Film Antenna, Touch Panel, Flexible LCD, e-Paper, etc.

     Highest cure speed than any traditional solvent type of conductive inks.
     Low curing temperature
     Ink does not dry on printing screen (significantly reduce scrap rate).
     Excellent solvent resistance. 
     Excellent electric conductivity.
     Better resistance to radio interference than metallic antennas.

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  Polychem UV Curable Conductive Silver Inks
Content no solvent (VOC free), environmental friendly.  The cured ink has excellent long-term aging resistance.  Also, this ink has good fine line definition/definition to as low as 100 micro spacing (please refer to the following Photo One and Two) and excellent edge resolution. These advantages are particularly beneficial for manufacturing high-performance UHF RFID antennas.  Typical Sheet Resistivity: 0.020- 0.045 Ohm/sq. at 12 micro thickness (by Four-Pin Probe Method).  With unique additives used in our ink formulation, the radio efficiency and read range of the printed RFID antenna is superior to other regular conductive inks with the same or even higher conductivity.